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Color Guard Camp Summer 2009

Things were fine, then my Dad and my Brother fixed me up -- look down (2006):

With one of my poodles, named Goatee and my cat Tobey (aka Fatboy) -- Tobey isn't with us any longer, thanks to a fast moving car -- October 2008.

I used to play Magic Cards and my Brother never got over that I had this card -- it meant I was unstoppable.
But look below: Patrick and I used to go to a local card shop to play but I felt like I was somehow surrounded by giants.

Look down: the first picture ever taken of me -- ultra sound amnio at 14 weeks -- my Dad said I looked like Janis Joplin singing -- whoever that was...

The next oldest pic of me almost is this one at 3 minutes:

My Dad said he had to do this a lot:

In the subway going uptown....

Georgia Southern University
Physics Major -- Day One

"Marching Onward" by Scott Joplin

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Me with my Dad and Brother 1995

My 12th Birthday Party - A Classic

Dancing at Danny's -- 3 am

Matahari ain't got nuthin' on this -- look down (1998):

Ten years later me with Kelly Wiggins and me still with the leg --

This is the first picture my Brother Patrick took of me --
he always called it "nipplehead."

Next thing you know I was taking piano lessons from my Dad....

Or waking up from a nap...

In NYC when I was 3 -- finally got to eat a piece
of pizza that was bigger than my head....

My first Halloween with Patrick

Glynn Academy Homecoming October 2009

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